Voter Registration Drive FAQs

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General Information

Q1. What is a Voter Registration Drive (VRD)?

A1. A VRD is a group of two or more persons who distribute and collect voter registration applications in Colorado.


Q2. Do VRDs have to register with the State?

A2. Yes. Any group of two or more persons distributing and collecting voter registration applications in the State of Colorado must register with the Secretary of State.


Q3. If a group only wants to pass out applications but doesn't wish to collect them back, are they required to register as a VRD?

A3. No. A group is only required to register as a VRD if it is both distributing and collecting applications.


Q4. Why does my organization have to register to conduct a Voter Registration Drive?

A4. Colorado law requires that VRDs register with the Secretary of State's office and complete a training course on applicable laws before beginning voter registration activities.


Q5. How can I find out if the person who asked for my registration information is part of a legitimate VRD?

A5. The Secretary of State's website contains a list of approved VRDs.


Q6. How do I file a complaint against a VRD?

A6. Fill out the VRD complaint form (PDF).

Revised 2/3/2011