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Voluntary spending limits


State Voluntary Spending Limits

This chart reflects the voluntary spending limits as adjusted by CPF Rule 10.16 as required by Article XXVIII, Section 4(7) of the Colorado Constitution effective July 30, 2015, and remain current until the next adjustment in 2019.

Attorney General $615,075
CU Regent $79,925
District Attorney $79,925
Governor/Lt Governor $3,075,450
Regional Transportation District No limit
Secretary of State $615,075
State Board of Education $79,925
State House of Representatives $79,925
State Treasurer $615,075
State Senate $110,700

Please note that Article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution and Title 1, Article 45 of the Colorado Revised Statutes do not address voluntary spending limits for county or municipal candidates. If running for office in a home rule county or municipality, please contact your county clerk and recorder or municipal clerk to see if your county or municipality has its own spending limit guidelines or restrictions.

See the voluntary spending limits FAQs for more information.