Initiative Procedures & Guidelines

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Table of Contents

I. Guidelines for the initiative process
     1. Preparation and drafting
     2. Review and comment meeting
          a. Opportunity to amend proposal
     3. Filing with the Secretary of State
     4. Ballot title and Title Board hearing
          a. Ballot title requirements
          b. Single-subject requirement

II. Title Board Hearing
     1. Motion for rehearing
     2. Filing an appeal with the Colorado Supreme Court

III. Guidelines and requirements for petitions
     1. Preparing petition sections for circulation
     2. Petition format

IV. Petition entities
     1. License requirement
     2. Application for license
     3. Denial of a license
     4. Revocation of a license
     5. Complaint, hearing and judgment
     6.  Application for reinstatement of license
     7. Decision on applications for new or reinstated license
     8. Registration requirements

V. Circulation of petition: gathering signatures
     1. Training for petition entity representatives and petition circulators

VI. Filing the petition for verification of signatures

VII. Statement of sufficiency or insufficiency
     1. Opportunity to cure insufficiency
     2. Public access to filed petitions
     3. Protesting the Secretary of State's determination

VIII. Placement on the ballot
     1. Withdrawal of an initiative petition

IX. Online resources

X. Colorado Secretary of State contact information

XI. Appendix
     1. Glossary of common terms
     2. Procedures regarding petition format approval - statewide initiatives