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Secure business filing

Q1.  What is Secure Business Filing?

A1.  Secure Business Filing provides optional password protection for your business record. By creating a Secure Business Filing account, you can control who is able to make changes to your business.


Q2.  Can I have more than one email address and password associated with my business?

A2.  Yes. After you set up Secure Business Filing, you can log in to your account and add accounts to give access to more people.

Each account will be associated with a different email address; different accounts for the same business can’t use the same email address.

The same password can be used for different accounts. 


Q3.  Can more than one email address be signed up to receive notifications about my business?

A3.  Yes. Each account that is set up for Secure Business Filing will also receive email notifications. You can also sign up any email address for notifications from the email notification page.


Q4.  What is business identity theft?

A4.  Business identity theft is also known as corporate or commercial identity theft. Criminals assume a business’s identity and good credit history by manipulating business records and credit agency data, then use that identity to get lines of credit with banks or retailers. With these lines of credit, the identity thieves will purchase commercial electronics, home improvement materials, gift cards, and other items that are easily resold. For more information, visit Protect Your Business.


Q5.  How does Secure Business Filing work?

A5.  When you sign up for Secure Business Filing, you will create an account that ties your business record to your email address and a password. Once that account is created, forms that affect your business can't be filed without the correct email address and password.

Each business record will have its own Secure Business Filing account. For example, if you have two businesses, you would need to set up a separate account for each business.

Also, if you have a business and a trade name or trademark associated with your business, you will need to set up an account for the business and an account for the trade name or trademark.


Q6.  How will Secure Business Filing protect me?

A6.  Putting a password in place prevents anyone who doesn't have that password from changing your business information.

When you set up a Secure Business Filing account, you will also be signed up for email notifications. Our email notification system sends notices to you when a form that affects your business has been filed. You will also receive an email when a Periodic Report is due and if your business's status changes.


Q7.  How do I sign up?

A7.  See instructions for setting up a Secure Business Filing Record, or watch our demonstration.

Secure Business Filing demonstration video for all entities
For new and existing entities