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Partial release and partial assignment

Q1. How does a partial release change a UCC record?

A1. A partial release is filed as an amendment to the original UCC filing. This amendment states which collateral or party was released from the lien.


Q2. Can I file a partial release?

A2. In most cases, a secured party named on the record is responsible for filing a partial release.

Generally, the IRS will terminate or release an IRS lien. In some cases, the IRS will prepare a release or withdrawal form and give it to the taxpayer to file.

In some circumstances, a debtor can release a UCC Financing Statement. If the debtor's obligation has been fulfilled and the secured party fails to file a release, the debtor may choose to file a release. For more information, see sections 4-9-513 and 4-9-509, C.R.S.


Q3. As a secured party, can I file a partial assignment?

A3. Yes. By filing an amendment to the original UCC document, you may add an assignee to the collateral associated with the UCC filing.


Q4. How do I file a partial release/assignment?

A4.  To file a partial release:

  • Go to the UCC filing system.
  • Click on "Amend an existing record"
  • Enter the original document number of the record that will be released.
  • Choose the filing office where the original document was filed in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on "Search."
  • Review the record information.
  • Continue to the Collateral tab.
  • Select to Add, Delete, or Restate collateral to modify the record.
  • Continue through each tab and submit payment; you will be taken to a confirmation page once the filing is complete

For help with filing, see the form instructions.