Party Nomination

For: President & Vice President


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  1. Eligibility for nomination
  2. Contact your political party
  3. Convention process
  4. Additional filing requirements



Step 1: Eligibility for nomination

Candidates must meet the basic qualifications for office.

A candidate must meet the qualifications for office outlined in Article II, Section 1(5) of the United States Constitution and meet the requirements established by his or her political party.


Step 2: Contact your political party

A major party or minor party presidential candidate should contact his or her political party for information about obtaining the party’s presidential nomination.

Political Party Information


Step 3: Convention process - presidential elector nomination

At the state party nominating convention, in addition to selecting delegates to serve at its national party convention, each political party will nominate nine registered electors to serve as presidential elector nominees who will represent the party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates at the general election.

Each party must certify the names of its nine presidential elector nominees to the Secretary of State.  [1] [2]

For more information about presidential electors and the Electoral College process see our FAQs.


Step 4: Additional filing requirements

All candidates for president or vice president should contact the Federal Election Commission for campaign finance information and other requirements not addressed at the state level.

Federal Election Commission
999 E. Street, NW
Washington, DC 20463




[1] Article II, Section 1(2), U.S. Constitution
[2] 1-4-302, C.R.S