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Account management

Q1.  What is my user ID?
A1.  Your user ID is your email address.  Log in to your account.


Q2.  My password isn't working. What's wrong?
A2.  Make sure that you are entering your email address as your user ID and that your password is entered exactly as it should appear. The password is case sensitive and includes at least one upper-case letter and one number.  Did you capitalize the first letter of your password?
Also, check to see if Caps Lock is on.  You can try to log in as many times as you need to; you will not be locked out for multiple failed attempts.
The font used in our system causes upper-case "I", lower-case "L" and the numeral "1" to look nearly identical; be sure that you are entering the correct letters or numbers.
When using a temporary password, try copying it from the email and then pasting it into the password field to make sure that it is entered correctly.
If your password is lost or doesn't work, see Q3 below for information about how to reset your password.
Log in to your account


Q3.  How do I reset my password?
A3.  Go to the Charities Program login and click on "Forgot Password?"
Enter your user ID for the account. Your user ID is your email address.
Click on "Reset".
We will send a temporary password to the email address on the account.
The temporary password is good for four hours.  Once you have logged in using this password, on the left-hand side of the page click on "Change Password" to choose a new one.


Q4.  I created a user account and received my password.  Am I registered now?
A4.  No.  Creating a user account is only the first step. After you receive your user ID and password, you can register your organization by logging in and completing the registration.


Q5.  Why do I get a message saying that the authorized officer account has already been created for this EIN  and who is the person I’m supposed to contact?
A5.  If you see a message that the primary authorized officer account has already been created for this EIN, it means the existing primary authorized officer, whose name was displayed onscreen, must add you as an authorized officer.  That person is the account manager for the organization.  If he or she person is no longer associated with the organization, contact program staff for assistance. If necessary,  see the instructions for changing the authorized officer


Q6. How do I find a registration number?
A6.  Our office issues a permanent registration number to an organization after the initial registration is filed and approved.  The registration number is automatically sent to the authorized officers on the acount, and, if applicable, to the preparer listed on the filing.
If your organization has lost its registration number or you want to know if it has been issued a registration number yet, you can find out by searching our records.  Enter the organization’s name or FEIN in the search field, then click "Search." Next, you will see a list of matching results.  Look for your organization.
If there are no results, or if your organization is not listed, then the registration has not yet been accepted.  Our office has ten days to approve filings after they are submitted.


Q7.  When I search for my organization, why do I get a message that says "Zero records returned"?
A7.  The organization may not have submitted a registration, or the registration may not have been approved yet.  Our office has ten days to approve filings after they are submitted.
Also, check that you have entered the organization name or FEIN number correctly on the search screen.


Q8.  Why is our status "Suspended"?
A8.  "Suspended" means that the registrant is prohibited by law from soliciting contributions, providing consulting services in connection with a solicitation campaign, or conducting a solicitation campaign in Colorado.


Q9.  How do we change the authorized officer (signer) for our organization?
A9.  See the instructions for changing the authorized officer.


Q10.  How do I become a preparer for an organization?
A10.  You will need to ask an authorized officer for the organization to add you as a preparer.  Once added, you can edit your own account and add other preparers.