Information Policy Task Force Members



  • Donetta Davidson, Colorado Secretary of State

State Legislators

  • Ken Gordon, Colorado State Senator
  • Matt Smith, Colorado State Representative


  • Kathy Krause, Senior Counsel, Qwest Communications

Banks/Financial Services

  • Dave Baker, Executive Vice President, First Banks of Colorado
  • Bill Mitchell, Heritage Bank

Citizens 55 or Older

  • Jay Keyworth, Board Member, Hewlett Packard, former Reagan Science Advisor


  • Ron Binz, President, Competition Policy Institute, former Office of Consumer Counsel Director

County Clerks and Recorders

  • Sarah Rosene, Grand County Clerk & Recorder

Executive Branch

  • Rick O’Donnell, Director of Policy and Initiatives, Governor's Office

Health Care Providers

  • Larry Wolk, Vice President & Senior Medical Director, CIGNA Healthcare

Insurance Agencies

  • Jamie Hamilton, President & CEO, Home Loan Investment Company, Grand Junction

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Al Dominguez, Weld County District Attorney

Medical and Pharmaceutical Researchers/ Manufacturers

  • Spencer Guthrie, Glaxosmithkline

Private Investigators

  • Joe Dickerson, Dickerson Financial Investigation Group

Providers/Collectors of Personal Electronic Data

  • Amy Redfern, Executive Director, StorageTek

Small Businesses

  • Dr Stephen Lucas, Privacy Council

Telecommunications Services

  • Jim Ginsburg, Jones Intercable

Telemarketing/Direct Mail Businesses

  • Mary Pat Adams