Notary Public FAQs



Q1. What is an admonishment?

A1. An admonishment is a non-disciplinary action issued to a notary when the notary has performed a notarial act incorrectly. This serves as a warning to the notary to review and comply with the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA).

Q2. Why did I receive an admonishment?

A2. When our office receives a document that has been incorrectly notarized, we admonish the notary who performed the act.

Q3. What do I do if I receive an admonishment?

A3. If you received an admonishment email, click on the PDF for more details. You can also log into your account and view your history. Depending on the reason for admonishment, you may need to take action to rectify the problem (signature change, compliant stamp, etc.). We encourage you to revisit the notary training and review the notary tutorials posted on our website.

If a notary has received multiple admonishments, the Secretary of State’s office may open an investigation which could lead to suspension or revocation of your commission.

Q4.  Can I dispute an admonishment?

A4. An admonishment is not a formal disciplinary action and cannot be disputed under most circumstances. An admonishment is added to the notary’s history, but is not typically available to the public.