Laws, Rules and Guidelines

Office rules and notices of rulemaking


Lobbyist Laws and Rules (PDF version)

Colorado Constitution Article XXIX (Amendment 41)

Fair Campaign Practices Act

1-45-103.7 Contribution limits - treatment of independent expenditure committees - contributions from limited liability companies - voter instructions on spending limits - definitions

1-45-105.5 Contributions to members of general assembly and governor during consideration of legislation

House and Senate Rules

House Rule 39 - Lobbyists

House Rule 40 - Registration of lobbyists

Joint Rule 36 - Lobbying practices

Senate Rule 31 - Use of Senate Chamber and privileges

Regulation of Lobbyists - C.R.S. Title 24, Article 6, Part 3

Lobbyist Rules


Guidelines and Other Information

Capitol security protocols - Colorado State Patrol

Identification badge

Guidelines for Lobbyists - Office of the Chief Clerk, Colorado House of Representatives

Guidelines for Working with Lobbyists - Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS)