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Annual cumulative disclosure statement

Q1. What information is required on the cumulative disclosure statement?

A1.  Required cumulative disclosure information includes:

  • Gross income for lobbying activities for the fiscal year.
  • Subcontracting income for the fiscal year.


Q2.  When can I file the cumulative disclosure statement?

A2.  The cumulative disclosure statement is due on or before July 15th of each fiscal year.

If you terminate your registration at any time during the fiscal year, you must file a cumulative disclosure statement for the part of the year that you were registered.  This disclosure is also due on or before July 15th, but we recommend that you file it when you terminate rather than wait until the end of the fiscal year.


Q3.  What if the information on my cumulative report is incorrect?

A3.  The information in the cumulative report is collected from the monthly disclosure reports that you have filed.  Any incorrect information will need to be corrected on the associated monthly disclosure report.