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72-hour new position or change of position disclosure

Q1. When am I required to report a new bill (and position on the bill) or change of position on previously entered bill during the Colorado General Assembly’s legislative session?

A1. After you begin lobbying for a client on a new bill or change your position on a new bill, you must report this activity to the SOS within 72 hours (three days) of its occurrence.


Q2. How do I disclose a new position/bill?

A2. Go to the “Disclosure Reporting” heading. Select the month that you would like to enter information in for. Go to the “Subjects and Bills” heading under the Disclosure report summary page. Then proceed to add a bill by entering in the following information:

  • Bill/Resolution Prefix (from drop-down list);
  • Client Name (from drop-down list);
  • Position; and
  • Dates of position.

For more information on how to comply with the 72-hour reporting requirement, please see our Lobbying Guidance Manual (PDF).


Q3. Do I have to add an end date?

A3. You are not required to add an end date for your most recent position. If you do not want this position to show up in future months, then you must enter an end date.


Q4. Are there additional resources to better understand how to disclose a change of position or new bill?

A4. We have a series of videos posted about how to enter information for the 72-hour reporting requirement. In addition, we will be posting more “how to” videos for the lobbyist program in general soon. Stay posted.