Vote in Honor of a Veteran

The Vote in Honor of a Veteran program provides Colorado citizens with a visible tribute to those who so proudly serve and who have served this country in United State Military Service.  This program recognizes their efforts to keep our democracy strong and to ensure that we may continue to cast a ballot each election day.  On Election Day, Vote in Honor of a Veteran by wearing a personalized button to the polls declaring your appreciation for the specific contributions of a particular U.S. Service Member or Veteran.

To receive your “Vote in Honor of a Veteran” button, complete and submit the form below.   A personalized button, with the name of your Service Member or Veteran on it, will be mailed to you prior to the election, so you may cast your ballot in honor of your Service Member or Veteran. 

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Sponsored by the Colorado Secretary of State in cooperation with your veterans group.

Questions?  Please contact Lisa Doran at (303) 894-2200, ext. 6104.