Risk-Limiting Audit Representative Group

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March 23, 2018
12:00 PM

Notice of informal conference


Evaluation report, Denver Auditor (PDF)

Comments on Denver Auditor report - Philip Stark (PDF)

Bayesian Tabulation Audits Explained and Extended, Rivest (PDF)

Limiting Risk by Turning Manifest Phantoms into Evil Zombies, Bañuelos & Stark (PDF)

Next Steps for the Colorado Risk-Limiting Audit (CORLA) Program, Lindeman et al. (PDF)

Preserving Anonymity of Cast Vote Record, McCarthy et al. (PDF)

Test of CORA 205.5 compliance, Arapahoe County - Harvie Branscomb (PDF)

First 2,000, Arapahoe (CSV)

First 2,000, Arapahoe, redacted (CSV)

Test first 2,000 Arapahoe (XLSX)

Webinar/Conference Call January 8, 2018
10:30 AM

Transcript of system overview webinar



January 4, 2018
10:00 AM


Notice of informal conference



Webinar and conference call info (PDF)

Voting systems public (XLSX)

Software recommendations for 2018 Colorado elections (PDF)

Edited SOS guidelines for CORA fufillment - Harvie Branscomb (PDF)

Harvie Branscomb email 1/4/2018 (PDF)

Notes on statistics for 2018 Colorado primaries election audit (PDF)

Post-meeting submissions

Suggestions for CO 2018 RLAs (PDF), M. Lindeman et al., submitted 1/11/2018

RLA Software Recommendations (PDF), J. McCarthy et al., submitted 1/11/2018

April 14, 2017
1:30 PM

Notice of informal conference


Assignment from March 31st meeting - Larimer County (PDF)

Concise recommendations for Colorado Risk-Limiting Audit rule in 2017 (PDF)

Update for RLVTA - Harvie Branscomb (PDF)

March 31st meeting notes - Douglas County (PDF)

Pitkin County response to questions from March 31st meeting (PDF)

Question about non-cvr counties - Boulder County (PDF)

RLA comments for April 10 (PDF)

Sharing pictures of sampled ballots (PDF)

Step-by-step markup (PDF)

Douglas County response to questions from March 31st meeting (PDF)

March 31, 2017
1:30 PM

Notice of informal conference


Comparison risk-limiting audit: Step-by-step (PDF)

Example county audit, odd-year election - Neal McBurnett (PDF)

Comments on Dominion CVR format and audit workflow - Mark Lindeman & RLA advocates (PDF)

Comments on three questions for 3/31 meeting:

March 17, 2017
1:30 PM

Notice of informal conference


Assignments for March 31st RLA meeting (PDF)

Comparison RLA Step-by-Step – CO SOS (PDF)

Douglas County - RLA and Colorado (PDF)

Larimar County - Submission (PDF)

Pitkin County - Comment submission (PDF)

Pitkin County - Ballot counting batch log (PDF)

Pitkin County - ICC scanning station log (PDF)

Auditing in non-CVR counties - Mark Lindeman (PDF)

Ballot manifest discussion - Harvie Branscomb (PDF)

Comments on RLA methods, workload, and goals - Mark Lindeman (PDF)

Meeting notes - Ron Rivest (PDF)

Response to non-CVR county question - Harvie Branscomb (PDF)

Requirements for Election Night Reporting System to Support Risk Limiting Vote Tabulation Audits - McCarthy & McBurnett (PDF)

Understanding risk-limiting audits (PDF)

March 3, 2017
1:30 PM

Notice of informal conference


Boulder County - Election audit process (PDF)

Denver County - Simplified risk limiting audit procedures (PDF)

Douglas County - Batch tracking information (PDF)

Douglas County - To the RLA Committee (PDF)

Larimer County - Batch creation and organization (PDF)

Logan County - RLA comments (PDF)

Pitkin County - Comment submission (PDF)

Pitkin County - Mail ballot tracking form (PDF)

2016 Audit - Systems per county, Harvie Branscomb (XLSX)

A Statistical Method for Auditing Vote-Counting, Paul Walmsley (PDF)

RLVTA Forms, John McCarthy (XLSX)

Use cases for risk-limiting vote tabulation audits, John McCarthy (XLSX)

Use cases lists and forms overview, John McCarthy (PDF)

February 17, 2017
1:30 PM

Notice of informal conference


Arapahoe County - Ballot process tracking form (PDF)

Arapahoe County - Ballot storage folder (PDF)

Arapahoe County - Ballot storage container label (PDF)

Arapahoe County - Risk-limiting audit procedures - draft (PDF)

Arapahoe County - RLA information (PDF)

Gilpin County - Election batch sheet (PDF)

Gilpin County - Risk-limiting audit (PDF)

Larimer County - General principles and audit steps (PDF)

Steps in a risk-limiting vote tabulation audit (PDF)

Steps in Colorado risk-limiting audits (PDF)

Summary of written comments (PDF)

February 3, 2017
2:30 PM

Notice of informal conference


Risk-limiting audit participation group (PDF)

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