III. Guidelines & Requirements for Petitions

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1. Preparing Petition Sections for Circulation

After the titles have been set by the Title Board, the initiative proponents must submit a petition format to the Secretary of State for review. No petition format will receive final approval by the Secretary of State’s Office until after the seven days to file a motion for rehearing with the Title Board have passed.

If no motion for rehearing is filed, the Secretary of State will approve or disapprove the petition format within forty-eight hours.

If a motion for rehearing is filed, then the petition format will not receive final approval by the Secretary of State’s Office until after the final decision of the Title Board.

No petition may be printed, published or otherwise circulated until the form and the first printer’s proof of the petition have been approved by the Secretary of State.

For additional information, see sections 1-40-110, 1-40-113, and 1-40-114, C.R.S.


2. Petition Format

Each petition section must be pre-numbered serially prior to circulation and include the following:

1) The names and mailing addresses of the two designated representatives.

2) The language of the proposed measure.

3) Each page must contain:
     a. The WARNING (to appear at the top of each page);    
     b. The title, ballot title and submission clause;
     c. Signature lines including:
          i. ruled lines numbered consecutively that provide spaces for:
               A. The signature and printed name of each signer;
               B. The signer’s residence address (including number and street) and city or town;
               C. The signer’s county; and
               D. Date and year of signing for each signer.

4) The last page of the section must include the affidavit to be signed by the petition circulator and notarized.

Please see the sample petition format (DOC), which should be used as a template for designing a petition format that complies with statues and rules.