School District Information

School Board Candidates


When do I file my candidate affidavit?

Candidates must file a candidate affidavit with our office within 10 days of becoming a candidate.


Do I have to register a candidate committee?

You do have to register a candidate committe if you accept contributions.  If you are spending only your own money on your campaign, you do not have to register a candidate committee.


Do I have to file reports about my expenditures?

Yes, you must file disclosure reports for all expenditures. 


I was offered a contribution, but I haven't registered a candidate committee.  Can I accept the contribution and register the committee afterward?

No.  Candidates cannot accept any contributions before registering a candidate committee.


How many people have to be on a candidate committee?

The candidate can be the only member of their committee; there is no requirement about the number of members needed for a committee.


Where do I register my candidate committee and file disclosure reports?

Committee registration and disclosure reports are filed electronically with our office (not with the county clerk and recorder).


Does my candidate committe have to file reports if we had no activity?

Yes.  Committees are required to file even if no activity (contributions or expenditures) has occurred.


Is there a penalty for filing my disclosure report late?

Yes.  Penalties of $50 per day are assessed for late filing of disclosure reports.


Who is prohibited from contributing?

The following cannot contribute:

  • Corporations (profit, non-profit, domestic & foreign)
  • Labor organizations
  • Foreign governments
  • Foreign citizens
  • Anonymous or unknown persons (identity of the person contributing is unknown)

Traditional "Pass the Hat" or "Fish Bowl" contributions are prohibited unless they are modified to avoid anonymous contributions.


I have questions about campaign finance laws.

Email us at or call 303-894-2200, ext. 6383 for help.


I have questions about online filing (TRACER).

Email us at, call 303-894-2200, ext. 6383, or go to the TRACER site for help.


I have questions about the school board elections.

Questions about school board elections should be directed to the Colorado Association of School Boards.