County Candidates

Get your name on the ballot

Contact your county clerk’s office for information about candidate qualifications, ballot access filings (such as assembly forms, petitions formats, etc.) and other requirements for running for a county office. 

County Clerk Contact Information


Become a candidate

County candidates are required to file their Candidate Affidavit and Committee Registration with the Secretary of State's office.  The personal financial disclosure statement is NOT required.


Step 1:  Are you qualified?

Candidates must meet the basic qualifications for office.


Step 2:  Campaign finance laws and rules

Candidates are required to understand and comply with the following provisions;


Step 3:  Publicly announce your intent to run for office


Step 4:  Register a candidate committee OR are you a standalone candidate?

A candidate committee is required if you intend to accept contributions.  If you will not be accepting contributions (only spending your own money) in support of your candidacy you are not required to register a committee and are therefore a standalone candidate.

Committee registration must be submitted and approved prior to receiving contributions. [1-45-108 C.R.S.]

Step 5:  Receive or spend money in support of your candidacy

You become a candidate when you publicly announce your intent to run for office and thereafter receive a contribution or make an expenditure in support of your candidacy.

You must register a candidate committee before receiving or spending any money.


Step 6:  File a candidate affidavit and voluntary spending acceptance, if applicable

Within 10 days of becoming a candidate:

  1. Complete the Candidate Affidavit form. [Section 2(2), article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution] [1-45-110(1) C.R.S.]

    The affidavit is an attestation that you are familiar with campaign finance laws and regulations, so be sure to read the laws before signing.

  2. If applicable, complete the Voluntary Spending Acceptance section of the candidate affidavit. [Section 4(3) and 9(1)(c), article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution]