Have you announced your candidacy and filed the required campaign finance forms?

Yes, continue to Step 1.

No, I need to become a candidate.


  1. Eligibility for write-in
  2. Submit affidavit of intent
  3. Name placed on write-in list

Step 1: Eligibility for write-in

Candidates must meet the basic qualifications for office.

Any person who wishes to be a write-in candidate for any office greater than a county office must file an Affidavit of Intent with the Colorado Secretary of State. [1]

Proof of registration and affiliation qualifications will be as shown in the statewide voter registration system. [2]

Step 2: Submit affidavit of intent

  1. Complete the Affidavit of Intent for Write-In form.

    The form must be filed no later than the close of business on the 67th day before the primary election or by the close of business 110 days before the general election. [3

  2. Mail, hand deliver, email, or fax to:

    Colorado Secretary of State
    Attention:  Ballot Access
    1700 Broadway, Suite 200
    Denver CO, 80290

    Email: ballot.access@sos.state.co.us
    Fax: 303-869-4861

Step 3: Name placed on eligible write-in list for the primary or general election

[1] 1-4-1101, C.R.S.
[2] 1-4-501(1), C.R.S.
[3] 1-4-1101(1) & 1-4-1102(1), C.R.S.