2020 Major Party Candidate Petitions Information

If you are a major party (Democrat or Republican) candidate running for state office (State House, State Senate, District Attorney, State Board of Education, CU Regent, US House, US Senate) and attempting to access the primary election ballot by petition, please e-mail the following information to ballot.access@sos.state.co.us.

  • Candidate’s name as it will appear on ballot
  • Office running for and district (if applicable)
  • Political party of candidate
  • Home address of candidate
  • Name and address of individual you want petitions to be returned to

Once we receive your information, we will generate a petition format for you and send it to you for review.  You must then submit a hard copy proof of the petition format to us before we approve the format for circulation.  The first day petitions may be circulated is Tuesday, January 21.  You may not begin circulating your petition until you receive a format approval letter from us.