2012 Special District Filing Calendar

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Regular Biennial Special District Election: Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Frequent Calendar

Applies to Report due dates Reporting period covers

Candidates and Candidate Committees whose office will appear on the ballot

Issue Committees whose issue will be on or who will attempt access to the ballot

All other active (not yet terminated) special district:

  • 527 political organizations
  • independent expenditure committees
  • political committees
  • small donor committees

whose candidates or issues attempt access to or appear on the May Biennial Special District Election ballot

April 17, 2012 (Tuesday) April 27, 2011 - April 12, 2012
May 4, 2012 (Friday) April 13, 2012 - April 29, 2012
June 7, 2012 (Thursday) April 30, 2012 - June 2, 2012


Infrequent/Annual Calendar

Applies to 2012 Annual report due date Reporting period
Candidates and Candidate Committees whose office will not appear on a 2012 ballot

Issue Committees whose issue will not be on or will not attempt access to a 2012 ballot
May 1, 2012 (Tuesday)
April 27, 2011 - April 26, 2012


Other Important Dates to Remember

February 8 - February 23, 2012 Call for nominations
March 2, 2012 Deadline for Notice of Self-Nomination and Acceptance Forms (must be filed with the designated election official)
March 5, 2012 Deadline for write-in candidates to file their affidavit of intent with the designated election official
March 6, 2012 Cancellation deadline.  Special Districts can cancel the election if the number of candidates does not exceed the number of offices to be filled and if there are no ballot question/issues on the ballot.
April 9, 2012 Last day to register to vote for the May 8th election
May 1, 2012 Last day to request a mail-in ballot if the ballot is to be mailed
May 4, 2012 Last day to request a mail-in ballot if the ballot is picked up in person
May 8th, 2012 Election Day    Polls open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM



I have questions about special district elections.

Questions about special district elections should be directed to the designated election official or the Department of Local Affairs.  Some information for candidates is available in the special district candidate FAQs.


I have questions about campaign finance disclosure reporting.

Questions about campaign finance disclosure reporting should be directed to our office.  You can contact us at 303-894-2200, ext. 6383, or at cpfhelp@sos.state.co.us.


What about major contributor notices and notices of independent expenditures? 

These calendars do not include the 24 Hour Notice of Major Contributor or the 48 Hour Notice of Independent Expenditure reports that may be required based on certain activity within a committee. The period during which these reports may be required begins 30 days before the primary and general election (May 27th and October 7th, respectively) and runs through the date of the election. Please refer to the Campaign Finance Manual (PDF) for information detailing when these reports may be required.