ACE logo - The letters A, C (represented by a red C with a gold center, as in the Colorado state flag), E, above the words Accountability in Colorado Elections - Accountability in Colorado Elections

The ACE project uses publically-available data and displays the information in a series of interactive maps, charts, and tables of Colorado elections by county. Data currently available through ACE are Voter turnout by county and party affiliation, Vote methods and ballot statistics, Legal requirements and other activities, Election cost statistics, and Voter registration statistics.

User guide to navigate the maps (PDF)

Interactive maps

Voter turnout by party affiliation - This map displays the total number of ballots received by party affiliation. Comparison of two different party affiliations can occur at the same time. The data set includes the 2014 General Election.

Vote methods and ballot statistics - This map displays the types of ballots issued to eligible and active voters, and receipt statistics. The data set includes the 2013 Coordinated, 2014 Primary, and 2014 General Election.

Legal requirements and other activities - This map displays county participation in recommended activities as well as compliance with legal requirements. The data set includes the 2013 Coordinated Election, the 2014 Primary Election, and the 2014 General Election.

Election cost statistics - This map displays gross and net elections costs provided by counties. Comparison of both gross cost and net cost can occur at the same time. The data set includes the 2013 Coordinated and the 2014 General elections.

Voter registration statistics - This map displays voter registration statistic totals by month. Comparison of two different types of voter registration can occur at the same time. For example, you can compare voter registration numbers by active and inactive party affiliation, or you can compare active and preregistered numbers. The data set includes 2014 and 2015 voter registration statistics by month.