Instructions for Filing a Solicitation Notice

When do I have to file a solicitation notice?

A solicitation notice must be filed with our office at least 15 days before a solicitation campaign begins. 


Do I have to be registered to file a solicitation notice?

Yes.  Both the paid solicitor and the charitable organization must be registered with our office before a solicitation notice can be filed.


Is there a fee to file a solicitation notice?

Yes.  See the fee schedule for current fees.

Please note that you can't file a new solicitation notice if you have any unpaid late fees on your account.


How do I file a solicitation notice?

  • Log in to your account with your user ID and password.  Need help logging in?

  • Click on "Solicitation Notices & Campaign Reports".

  • Click on "File new solicitation notice" if you are starting a new notice.

  • If you have an incomplete notice that you began earlier, you can click on "Continue" next to that notice to continue where you left off.

  • The next screen will show you the steps for the solicitation notice.  Review the information and click on "Next" to continue to step 1.

    If you chose a notice in progress, the steps on this page will be links.  You can click on the link for a step to return to that step.

  • Fill out the information requested on the form.  Line-by-line instructions

  • When you have finished entering the information, you will need to save the filing, log out of the system and inform the charity that the notice is ready to be signed.  The charity will log into their own account and sign the notice.

  • If the charity asks for any changes to the notice, you can log back into your account and edit information in the notice.

  • Once the charity has signed the report, you will have to log in and complete payment to submit it.


I have to file a solicitation notice, but I can't find the charity that I need to list.  What's wrong?

In order to file a solicitation notice, both the paid solicitor and the charitable organization need to be registered with us.  Contact the charitable organization to check on the status of its registration. Remember that there can be a delay of up to ten days between the time a charitable organization’s filing is submitted and when it is approved.


What are the most common reasons for rejecting a solicitation notice?

  • Insufficient Statement of Respective Obligations.

    The "statement of respective obligations" must detail the precise terms of compensation and the services provided. This question must include sufficient detail to make the exact nature of the contractual relationship clear.
    • No estimate of the percentage of gross revenue that will constitute the paid solicitor’s compensation provided.

      If you indicate that the paid solicitor’s compensation is not contingent upon the number of contributions or the amount received, then you must provide a reasonable estimate of the percentage of gross revenue that will constitute the paid solicitor’s compensation. [1] 

  • Banking arrangements not in compliance with state law.

    Banking arrangements for handling contributions do not comply with the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act. [2]  If a paid solicitor will have custody of any contribution received during a solicitation campaign, each such contribution shall be deposited within two business days after its receipt in an account at a bank or other federally insured financial institution. The account must be in the name of the charitable organization that is contracted with the paid solicitor, and the charitable organization must have sole control over all withdrawals from the account.



[1] 6-16-104.6(2)(d), C.R.S.
[2] 6-16-104(8), C.R.S.