Instructions for Reinstating Your Registration

If you allow your registration to expire, you can no longer solicit contributions in Colorado.  We will send two notifications (by both email and first-class mail) alerting the organization that its registration expired.  If you act before the 17th day after the expiration date, you can renew without penalty.  After that, you will need to reinstate your registration.


How do I get back in compliance if I my registration expired?

You will need to reinstate your registration.  Log in to your account, click on the File a Doc link at the bottom of the summary page, select “Reinstate Registration,” and follow the prompts.

Professional fundraising consultants pay the normal filing fee for the reinstatement and, if applicable, a fine for each year they should have been registered since the expiration date, up to a maximum of three years. 


What else should I know about the reinstatement process?

Because the e-file application only allows one open filing at a time, we must delete any incomplete filings on the system when a customer clicks on the “Reinstate” link.  Please plan accordingly, so you don’t end up re-entering the same data in a reinstatement form that you had already entered in a renewal or amendment.

If a renewal or amendment is submitted near the expiration date and is subsequently rejected, you will have at least five calendar days to make the required corrections and re-submit.  On the 18th calendar day after the expiration date, any incomplete filings -- including a rejected renewal or amendment -- will be deleted from the system, and you will need to reinstate your registration.