Instructions for Signing a Campaign Report

My paid solicitor told me that I have to sign a campaign report online.  What does this mean?

When an organization contracts with an outside paid solicitor, the paid solicitor will prepare campaign financial reports using our online system.  The campaign report can't be submitted until both the solicitor and the charity have signed the report.


How can I "sign" something online?

When the organization's user account was created, an authorized officer’s identity was established and a password was issued. When the authorized officer logs in with his or her password and clicks on a button to sign a filing, the system automatically enters his or her name on the signature line of the electronic form. This is "signing" the form.  How do I change the authorized officer (signer)?


How do I sign a campaign report?

  • Charities that are exempt by statute from the requirement to register and use a paid solicitor will need to file an exemption form, so they will be able to electronically sign solicitation notices and campaign reports.
  • Click on "File a Document".

  • On the Available for Filing page, click on "View & Sign Campaign Reports".

  • A list of campaign reports will be displayed.  Any reports that are ready to be reviewed and signed will be listed as "Unsigned" under the filing status.

  • Click on "View Campaign Report" to review the unsigned report.

  • When you have reviewed the report and are satisfied that it is correct, click on the link to the right of the unsigned report that says "Sign Campaign Report".

  • Tell the paid solicitor that the report has been signed.