Instructions for Annual Renewal

What is a renewal?

Renewing a registration means updating the information on file with our office after the organization’s fiscal year has concluded.  This is done once each year, and is due at the same time that the Form 990 is due to the IRS, which for most organizations is the 15th day of the fifth month after the organization’s fiscal year has concluded.

Beginning January 1, 2013, charitable organizations will receive an automatic 3-month extension of this deadline. Please note, however, that even though the e-file system will enter an automatic three-month extension, charities by law must still file a renewal and financial report with our office by the 15th day of the fifth month after the organization’s fiscal year, unless the IRS authorizes a later date for filing the organization’s Form 990.  We may request documentation of the IRS authorization.

See the table below to calculate your due date and extended deadline.

A renewal automatically advances the reporting period one year and must include a financial report.  If financial information for the most recent fiscal year is not available by the renewal or extended deadlines, the organization must file for an additional extension of the deadline to remain in "Good" status and avoid late fees.


Is there a fee to renew?

Yes.  See the fee schedule for current fees.


How do I file a renewal?

  • Log in to your account with your user ID and password.  Need help logging in?

  • Click on "File a document".

  • On the Available for Filing page, click on "Renew Registration." If the renewal is due within 30 days or overdue, you can also access it from your dashboard.

  • Review the information on the Renew page, then click on "Continue".

  • The next page will show you the steps for the renewal.


Financial Report Due Dates

Organization's Fiscal Year End Date Financial Report Due Auto-Extended Deadline
December 31 May 15 August 15
January 31 June 15 September 15
February 28 July 15 October 15
March 31 August 15 November 15
April 30 September 15 December 15
May 31 October 15 January 15
June 30 November 15 February 15
July 31 December 15 March 15
August 31 January 15 April 15
September 30 February 15 May 15
October 13 March 15 June 15
November 30 April 15 July 15