Instructions for Creating an Account

If you already have a user ID and password, log in to your account.


What is a charitable organization?

"Charitable organization" refers to any organization or person who is or claims to be established for charitable purposes.  It is not limited to specific tax-exempt categories used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The definition of a charitable organization is very broad, and includes anyone who makes a charitable appeal or who suggests that there is a charitable purpose for any solicitation. [1]


Why do I need an account?

You must create an account before registering an organization.  The user account ties the organization's filings together.  Only people with access to this account can file documents or make changes to the organization's records. 


How do I create an account?  See video tutorial

    • Enter the organization’s EIN.   

    • Enter an email address.  Our office will use this email address to send you about the organization’s account and filings.  Examples might include resetting a password, sending reminders about due dates, or sending receipts for payments.

    • Select the type of organization you are registering
    • Enter your name
    • Enter a daytime telephone number.

    • Enter a password (minimum eight characters with at least one upper-case letter and one number, no special characters)
    • Check the box certifying that you are a bona fide officer of the organization
  • Click on "Create Account".


I created an account.  What's next?

An email with your new user ID and password will be sent to the email address entered on the form.

Log in to your account  with the user ID and password to:

  • Fill out and sign registration forms.
  • Sign solicitation notices or campaign financial reports.
  • Pay filing and late fees.
  • Change the organization's fiscal year.
  • File an extension.
  • Add other authorized officers
  • Add preparers


I tried to create an account, but it said the authorized officer has already been created for this EIN and lists the name of a person to contact.  What does that mean?

If the EIN already exists in our records, then a primary authorized officer has already been created for this registrant, and he or she must add you as an authorized officer (or preparer).  That person is the account manager for the organization.  If you need to be the new primary authorized officer, the existing primary authorized officer can then transfer that designation to you and remove their own account.  If he or she is no longer associated with the organization, contact program staff for assistance at

NOTE:  If the name of the primary authorized officer is listed as “CCSA User,” program staff will need to replace the old primary authorized officer for you.  Please see the instructions for changing the authorized officer


I need to be added as a preparer for an organization.  How do I do that?

An authorized officer or another preparer already associated with the organization needs to add you as a preparer; you cannot do this yourself.  Please contact the organization for assistance.  Once you are associated with the organization, you will be able to open filings, complete the data entry for a filing, and pay filing fees.  The main limitation on your account privileges is that you cannot submit the filing by yourself without an authorized officer’s signature.



[1] 6-16-103, C.R.S.