Nonprofit Board Member Course

The Secretary of State developed the Board Education eLearning course as a resource for current and aspiring nonprofit board members. Each of the five course modules addresses an important aspect of being an effective and responsible nonprofit director. 


Self-Assessment Tool

This series of short quizzes will help you understand which of the five modules may benefit you the most. You can access the course directly from the assessment’s final results page.


Module 1: Fiduciary Duties of Nonprofit Directors

This module includes information on the basic obligations of all Colorado nonprofit board members, and points participants to more in-depth materials and educational resources.


Module 2: Board Governance

This module covers a variety of basic governance principles that board members can apply to improve their organizations’ efficacy and efficiency.


Module 3: Understanding the Form 990 and Financial Ratios

This module provides an overview of the Form 990 and important ratios that you can use to assess your organization’s financial health.


Module 4: Regulatory Compliance and Filing Requirements

This module gives an introduction to federal and state-level legal requirements for nonprofits, and provides insight into the boards’ role in ensuring that their organizations stay in compliance.


Module 5: Personnel Issues

This module provides education on several challenges that nonprofits face in managing their human resources. It includes guidance for classifying staff as contractors versus employees, an overview of common personnel tax issues, tips for determining executive and board compensation, and a step-by-step guide to onboarding new directors.