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Surety bond

What is this?

A paid solicitor bond is a compliance bond to protect against fraudulent activity and encourage compliance with the charitable solicitations law in Colorado.  If the secretary of state determines that a paid solicitor has violated the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act, the agency can make a claim against the bond with the surety company.


What can I attach as proof of a valid bond?

Download and complete the paid solicitor surety bond form (PDF). You will need to attach the completed form for a registration and renewal. You may attach the form to an amendment, but it is not required.

Instead of the surety bond form, you can attach

  • An image of the original surety bond with the surety company's power of attorney and the signature of the surety's attorney-in-fact, or
  • Evidence of savings, deposit or CD account in the amount of $15,000 from a financial institution that names the Colorado Secretary of State as a beneficiary. [1]








[1] 11-35-101, C.R.S.