Quarterly Business & Economic Indicators Report

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2012 Q1 Report (6.74 MB) Q1 Report release conference call (20:43)
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2013 Q1 Report (8.34 MB)
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2014 Q1 Report (2.64 MB)
Q2 Report (10.2 MB)
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Q4 Report (3.63 MB)
2015 Q1 Report (3.57 MB)
Q2 Report (12.3 MB)

The Secretary of State runs Colorado’s central business registry. The registry is an ocean of business data- information like new business start-ups, trademarks, and dissolved businesses. This data contains valuable economic information, so we have partnered with the Business Research Division (BRD) at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business to analyze the data.  The Business Research Division ran a regression analysis comparing business filing data with economic trends. The analysis found that new entity filings were a leading indicator of employment.

Following the close of the quarter, the BRD analyzes and prepares the report, which is released during the month following the close of the quarter. The report is posted online here and emailed directly to subscribers. There is no cost to access the report. Sign up to receive the report by email.