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Business survey information

Q1. Why are you asking for this information?

A1. The law requires that our office ask reporting entities to answer these questions when they submit business filings. [1]

Gathering this information will help give the public a better picture of Colorado businesses. 


Q2. Do I have to answer?

A2. No, answering any of the questions is optional.


Q3. Who can see my answers?

A3. Your answers will be available to the public on our website, as required by law. [1]


Q4. How do I find other people’s answers?

A4. To see others’ answers, you can:

  • Search for and choose a specific entity’s record. On the entity’s summary page, click on “Business survey information.” Remember that entities may not have chosen to answer the survey questions.



[1] C.R.S. 24-21-114,  effective 1/1/2014