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Periodic reports

Q1. What is a Periodic Report? Why do I have to file one?

A1. Reporting entities, such as limited liability companies, corporations, nonprofit corporations, and foreign entities, are required by law to submit a Periodic Report each year to the Secretary of State. Refer to Q3 for information about reporting entities.

The report is due for all entities and is a way to ensure your information is up to date. Submitting a Periodic Report allows an entity to update the principal office address and registered agent information which helps ensure current information is available to the public. Even if nothing has changed, filing the report shows that the information has been reviewed and is accurate.

Submitting the Periodic Report on time also maintains the “Good Standing” of the entity with the Secretary of State.

For more information, refer to Noncompliance FAQ or see section 7-90-501, C.R.S.

Q2. How do I file a periodic report?

A2. The Periodic Report must be filed electronically through our website.

  1. Visit our website:
  2. Select Business, Trademarks, Trade Names.
  3. On the “Business Organization” page, select Search business database.
  4. When you are on the “Business Database Search” page enter the 11-digit ID number, or the business name in the empty field and click Search. Here are some search tips.
  5. When on the “Summary”, scroll down and select File a form.
  6. On the “Documents Available for Filing,” page select File a Periodic Report.
  7. Complete the form making any changes as necessary and click Submit. Here are some form instructions.
  8. Review the information in the PDF on the “You’re not done yet” screen. If you would like to change anything on the form, click Return to Form. If the information is correct, click Pay now.
  9. Once the form is ready for filing, the system will proceed to the first of three payment pages.
  10. Your filing is complete once you see a Confirmation page.

Q3. What is a reporting entity?

A3. A reporting entity is a:

  • Business development corporation
  • Cooperative housing corporation
  • Cooperative
  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company
  • Limited partnership formed after July 26, 2009 or otherwise defined as a “reporting limited partnership” per 7-90-102 (58.5), C.R.S
  • Limited partnership association
  • Nonprofit corporation
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Limited liability limited partnership
  • Corporate entity referred to in section 7-137-102, C.R.S.,
  • Any foreign entity authorized to transact business or conduct activities in Colorado

An entity ceases to be a reporting entity upon its dissolution, the revocation or relinquishment of its authority to transact business or conduct activities, or, if the entity is a limited liability partnership or a limited liability limited partnership, the withdrawal of its statement or registration.


Q4. When is my Periodic Report due?

A4. You can find your reporting month on the entity’s Summary page under ‘Periodic report month’. The Periodic Report can be filed two months prior to the Periodic Report month or two months after without any penalty.

To view an entity’s Summary page:

  1. From the Business Organizations page, select “Search business database”.
  2. Enter the record name or ID number and click “Search”.
  3. If you enter a name, a list of entities with similar names will display. Select the ID Number of the appropriate entity.

Q5. Will I be notified when my Periodic Report is due?

A5. As a courtesy, notices are sent by our office to remind you of important filing dates. If you have signed up for the Business and Licensing Division’s email notification service, an email notice that a Periodic Report is due will be sent seven days prior to the start of the Periodic Report month.

You are strongly encouraged to sign up for email notification if you would like to receive notices about Periodic Report due dates, renewal due dates for trade names or trademarks, and other changes to a record. You’re responsible for tracking the filing dates whether you receive an email or not.

Subsequent notices will be sent if a periodic report isn’t filed until the entity becomes delinquent. The Periodic Report due dates and changes to an entity’s status are noted on an entity’s History and Documents page. Each person or entity is responsible for filing the periodic report, regardless of notification.

Q6. Why don’t I have a Periodic Report available to file?

A6. The Periodic Report may have already been filed, the Periodic Report may not be due yet, or the entity may be in a status that doesn’t allow a report to be filed. You can refer to our interactive schedule to see the available filing dates.

Q7. What happens if I don’t file my Periodic Report?

A7. The entity’s status will become “Delinquent” if a report is not filed. You should seek legal advice regarding what is best for your business entity.

Q8. What is the fee to file a Periodic Report and is there a late penalty?

A8. Refer to the fee schedule.

Q9. I am no longer transacting business in Colorado. Do I need to file a report?

A9. If you are no longer transacting business, you may consider filing the appropriate dissolution or withdrawal for your entity. The entity does not have to file a Periodic Report first.

You should seek legal advice regarding what is best for your business entity.