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Foreign (outside of Colorado) business entities
Missing, illegible, or incorrectly indexed records
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Missing, illegible, or incorrectly indexed records

Q1. The business record has one of the following issues, how do I get them fixed?

  • The record includes documents that belong in another record.
  • A document shows “Not Indexed,” or “No image is currently available online for document #X.”
  • In the Entity history, it appears a date range of documents may be missing.
  • The image of the document I need contains other documents.
  • I need to request a cleanup of the documents in my record.

A1. Complete the Business Services Request form (PDF).


Q2. How do I submit the Business Services Request Form?

A2. Complete the Business Services Request form (PDF) and select the Submit button at the bottom of the form. This should attach the form to an email. If the Submit button doesn’t work, then send an email to the address listed at the top of the form.


Q3. How far back do your records go?

A3. Our office contains records for entities as long as they remained active. Our online database has older records formed in the 1870’s. Some older records were removed from the searchable database once they were no longer able to reinstate. However, statutes changed in 1997 to allow these to reinstate. Our office can search and locate some of those records. All records filed since 1997 will be on the online database.