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General questions

Q1. When is the Business Division’s online filing and searching system unavailable?
A1.  During routine maintenance, our online filing and searching systems are unavailable.  Maintenance is usually scheduled between 2:00 AM and 3:30 AM, MT.  If you have started an online filing or a search before 2:00 AM, you will need to complete it (payment submitted and accepted) before maintenance begins or your task will be interrupted.

A scheduled service interruption also occurs at the end of each calendar year. Special notices are published on the website regarding year-end accessibility.


Q2. What information can the Secretary of State provide about a business?
A2.  The Business Division of the Secretary of State’s office provides copies of filed documents, Certificates of Good Standing, Certificates of Existence, and Certificates of Fact regarding records for business entities, trade names, and trademarks registered with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. Copies of documents and Certificates of Good Standing can be printed from our website at no cost. Other certificates and certified copies of documents can be ordered.

The Business Division’s website also provides basic information about a business, such as type (i.e., corporation, limited liability company, nonprofit corporation, limited liability partnership, foreign corporation, individual, general partnership, etc.), date of registration with the Secretary of State, identification number as assigned by the Secretary of State, status regarding timely filing of documents, principal office address, name and address of its registered agent, and state in which it was organized.


Q3. How do I change my business address?
A3.  There are two common ways to change a business entity’s address. You may file a Statement of Change form or you may change address information when filing a Periodic Report if you are within your Periodic Reporting period.


Q4. How can I confirm the status of an application or filing?
A4.  The status of a submitted filing can be checked online at the Business Division page. All filings that have been processed can be found by performing a business name, trademark or trade name search.

  1. From the Business Home page, click on “Search business database”.
  2. Enter the Business name, trademark, trade name or ID number. Select “Search”. If you enter a name, a list of entities with similar names will display. Select the ID Number of the appropriate entity.
  3. From the Summary page select “View History and Documents”.
Each document on the History and Documents page will have a Date Filed (date received in our office or filed online), Date Posted (date added to the website), and Effective Date.

If you do not see your filing and you submitted a paper document, it is possible that it has not yet been processed or the filing may have been rejected. Please wait a few days and try your search again. When you select “Search”, the date through which paper documents have been processed is listed at the top of the page.

If you do not see your filing and you submitted a filing electronically, it is possible that the filing was not completed. If problems persist, contact the Business Division.


Q5. What does “distribution of assets for a nonprofit corporation” mean?
A5.  The distribution of assets upon dissolution refers to language required to be included in the Articles of Incorporation of a nonprofit corporation pursuant to section 7-122-102, C.R.S. Questions should be addressed to your legal, business, or tax advisor(s) or the IRS.


Q6. What is the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s Specially Designated Nationals list or OFAC SDN List?
A6.  The Specially Designated Nationals List (“SDN List”) is a list of individuals and organizations, maintained by the Office of Foreign Asset Control, with whom U.S. individuals and organizations are prohibited from transacting business. Before transacting business with others, you may want to consider checking names against the SDN List. For more information, contact the Office of Foreign Asset Control or the U.S. Department of Treasury.


Q7. What is a browser?
A7.  A “browser” is a software application used to view and interact with Web pages and other resources on the World Wide Web. Examples of browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. The Secretary of State’s website may not be fully compatible with all Internet browsers.


Q8. What is Adobe Reader?
A8.  Adobe Reader is free software that allows you to easily view, print, and search PDF files. The software can be downloaded at


Q9. What does "Good Standing" mean?
A9.  A "Good Standing" status with the Secretary of State's office means that the entity has filed the required Periodic Reports and maintained the information required by the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Secretary of State's office does not record complaints against businesses or investigate businesses, nor do we have information regarding the reputability or business practices of any entity.