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Business FAQs

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Attachments & additional information

Q1. Do I need to add any additional information or attachments to a filing?

A1. For some filings, such as trademarks and restated constituent filed documents, an attachment will be required. Otherwise, additional information is optional. Any additional information that has not already been required may be added here. If you’re unsure if you need to add additional information, you may want to speak to a business advisor or attorney.

Attachments and any additional information included is public record. Review your document and remove personal information before submitting your filing.

See the FAQ on Ratification of Defective Corporate Actions.

Q2. How do I add an attachment to my online filing?

A2. Instructions for adding an attachment.

Q3. How do I name my attachment?

A3. Keep your name simple. Use letters and numbers. Our system doesn’t accept documents that have special characters in the title. If you have more than one attachment you should name them differently. Remember that the attachment name is viewable to the public. Refer to our list of acceptable characters.

Q4. What types of document formats may be attached to an online filing?

A4. Attachments to online filings must be in PDF or TXT (text) format. If filing a trademark document, you can also use JPG. Rich Text Format (.rtf) should not be used. Our software does not currently handle documents signed using electronic signature technology or is password-protected.

Q5. How large can my attachment be?

A5. Total size of all attachments must be 10 MB or less. To check the size of a document, right click the document name and choose Properties. Up to five attachments may be added to an online filing.

If scanning results in documents larger than 10 MB, scan the document and save each page as a separate file, then add each one as a separate attachment (up to five).

Q6. How can I view my attachment while filing online?

A6. After you add an attachment the page will display the link of the document name. To view the attachment, click the document name link. You should always double check your attachment to make sure that you added the correct one.

To remove an attachment before the filing is completed, select the check box next to the document title on the Manage Attachments page and click “Delete Attachments”. This will remove any attachments in which the text box was checked.

When you click “Continue”, you will be taken to the “You’re not done yet” page. This page will provide an image of the form you completed including the document(s) you attached. If the attachment needs to be changed, click “Return to Form” at the bottom of the screen to return to the Manage Attachments page. Once the document is filed, you can only correct mistakes by filing another form.

Q7. How can I verify that my attachment is filed?

A7. To view the attachment of a filed document:

  1. From the Business home page, select "Search" from the left-navigation or select “Search business database”.
  2. Enter the trademark or entity name or ID number. Click on “Search”.
    If you enter a name, a list of search results will be displayed. Select the ID Number of your record to go to your Summary page.
  3. From the Summary page, scroll down and click on “Filing History and Documents”.
  4. Click on the document number to view a document.
  5. A PDF image of the document will open. The last page(s) of the PDF image will be the attachment(s).
  6. Use the browser’s “Back” button to return to Filing History and Documents or close the page.

Q8. Will the additional information included in the filing be reviewed by your office?

A8. No. Our office will not review filings and the information contained in them. After payment is successfully processed, the document will be filed and available to the public. It is the filer’s responsibility to review the filing, including any attachments.

Q9. I included an attachment by mistake or included the wrong attachment, can I remove it?

A9. No. Once filed, the form becomes a legal document and we have the duty to preserve it in its original form. Our office is a filing repository and once a legal document is filed, we don’t have the authority to remove it.

Q10. How can I add or change the owner of a business?

A10. Ownership is not filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. Questions should be addressed to the IRS or your legal, business, or tax advisor(s).