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Personal identifying information

Q1. What is personal identifying information?
A1.  Personal identifying information, or PII, is information about an individual that could reasonably be used to identify such individual. Such information includes, but is not limited to:

  • A social security number;
  • A personal identification number;
  • A password; or
  • A pass code.

For more information see § 7-90-306 (5) and part 3 of article 90 of title 7 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.).


Q2. Why was my personal identifying information displayed in your online records?
A2.  Information that is provided in a form or attached to a form by the filer is recorded in the records of the Secretary of State’s office exactly as submitted. The content of the information provided is the responsibility of the filer. If you need assistance completing the form, read the appropriate statute or seek advice from your legal, business, or tax advisor(s).


Q3. How do I have personal identifying information removed from my filing?
A3.  If you want to request to have personal identifying information removed from a filing, contact our office at 303-894-2200, option 2 for information regarding the procedure and applicable fee.


Q4. I submitted a request to have personal identifying information removed, but the request was rejected. Why?
A4.  A request may be rejected for a number of reasons.  To avoid delays, fill out the request carefully.  Some information is not considered personal identifying information, or is information that is required by law. A request to remove such information may result in a rejection of the request.
The rejection should be accompanied by a letter explaining the reasons for rejection; if you have questions regarding the rejection of a request, please contact our office.


Q5. When personal identifying information is removed from a filing, is it still available somewhere for others to view?
A5.  The original or a copy of a document or record that contains personal identifying information will be retained by the Secretary of State. These documents or records will be open for inspection and copies or printouts of the document or record or information from the document or record will be furnished only upon application to the Secretary of State and only if good cause is shown. Determination of good cause will be determined on a case by case basis.


Q6. If personal identifying information is removed from my filing, does that make the filing invalid?
A6.  No. The filing is not rendered insufficient or ineffective by removal of personal identifying information.