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Colorado Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

Date: March 6, 2019

Location: Colorado Secretary of State Office, Aspen Room, 1700 Broadway, Denver, CO

Board members in attendance: Paul Vigil, Edwin Smith (via phone), Donivon Glassburn (via phone), Julie Hutchinson, Frank Serino and William Erfman.

Secretary of State officials present:  Mike Hardin, Shannon Bee, Carla Hoke and Larry Run.

A quorum was present and the minutes from April 11, 2018 were approved.

SOS Reports

SOS reports discussed

  • The 4th quarter reports (2018) were not complete due to late filings (about 100) and the 3rd quarter is completed.
  • As late filings continue to be evaluated, the 4th quarter and year end numbers will be updated.
  • Question was raised about accuracy of reporting. SOS indicated the numbers on the published reports are taken directly from charity submitted quarterly reports.

Progressive pull-tabs

  • Looking for flexibility on Progressive pull-tabs
  • Discussed allowing for larger Progressive pull-tab jackpot limits.
  • SOS official requested real data/information if a change to allow larger pots is an item charities desire.
  • SOS office has concerns with bookkeeping and effective auditing for multiple progressive pull-tabs.
  • SOS official states there is a possibility for some rules changes.
  • Desires charity input.

The rules hearing process was discussed.

  • Informal period – Rules draft for consideration
  • Written letters from charities accepted
  • Formal period

Annie Dozoretz, Bingo Doc’s, comments on the rule stating if someone has a winning ticket on a progressive pull-tab game and does not come forward, the game must be stopped and the missing ticket must be posted until the winner comes forward or 15 days, whichever comes first. This rule is hindering the charities ability to continue the game and holding for 15 days is costly.

  • SOS Official comments a tool is being used to track input from charities regarding the above mentioned comment and when the rules are opened up, it will be looked at at that time.
  • SOS Official asked for possible solution for the 15 day rule.
  • Comment back was to eliminate 15 day rule.
  • Must be present to win.
  • Comment made that rules for certain games being applied to different games – Seal Cards vs Progressive Pull-tabs.

Paid caller

  • Only volunteers (Constitution/Statutory) are allowed to volunteer in the conduct of the game.
  • Exceptions are not part of the conduct of the game of bingo.
  • Paid workers not allowed without a change to the constitution.
  • Donivon Glassburn asked if the SOS would support a change to the constitution that would allow for paid workers.
  • Survey from 2013 and 2017 mentioned that a common problem with charities and players is an ineffective caller.
  • SOS Official comments that it is not their roll to support industry change. It is up to the industry to push for change.
  • SOS Official stated they would explore changes.

Rule 5.1.10 paying pull-tab prizes

  • Current rule states a bar or clubroom, can only have $2,000 cash fund on hand.
  • This amount is not large enough to accommodate club pulltab activity.
  • Clubs are using multiple pull-tab dispensing machines which handle far more tickets than a single volunteer. Many groups using pull-tab’s with multiple $500 to $1,000 winners. A busy weekend and a holiday Monday can be a burden for these organizations to make cash payouts.
  • Dennis Herbolsheiner, Northglenn American Legion Post 22 spoke to this point. He said over the MLK holiday weekend, he ran out of money. He had chaos.
  • This rule is “paralyzing” to the clubroom/bar business.
  • SOS Official stated this rule will also be addressed at the next rules hearing.

Rolling the bank

  • Confusion remains.
  • Question was posed, “If a group is rolling the bank, there is no need to be alarmed that they will be written up for some type of violation…? This question was not directly answered by a SOS Official.
  • Anne Dozoretz stated that after a conversation with Larry Runn, SOS Official, that as long as all proceeds from multiple sessions and the original bingo bank is deposited into the financial institution, the charity is not violating any current statue or rule.

Open forum

Anne Dozoretz

  • Progressive Raffle successful but cumbersome to fabricate. More groups may implement if there was a board available.
  • SOS Official asked for more clarification.
  • The Progressive raffle does not conform to the rules and regulations concerning whom you can buy bingo products from.
  • Allow charities to build their own gaming device.
  • SOS rules are clear about purchasing from licensed suppliers from licensed manufactures.

Annual meeting training required.

  • Information and test available on the SOS website.
  • Certificate of completion will be issued.

Open Board positions discussed.


Meeting adjourned.