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Colorado Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

Date:  August 8, 2017

Location: Secretary of State’s Office, Aspen Room, 1700 Broadway, Denver, CO

Board members present:  Donivon Glassburn, Paul Vigil, Ed Smith

Secretary of State officials present:  Mike Hardin, Shannon Bee, Gary Zimmerman, Carla Hoke, DJ Davis, Larry Runn

Others in attendance: Toney Carey, Rich Lemon, John Mann


John Mann from Mountain View Insights Inc. presented his Bingo Raffle Study Executive Summary that was prepared in from May 2017.  The online survey was done with 984 (38%) responses from licensees.

Key points

  • Bingo revenue declining
  • Profit margins shrinking
  • Players aging
  • Few complain about regulations
  • Comparisons were provided between 2012 and 2017 responses. The numbers were not audited just perceptions of respondents
  • Included in the report were factors contributing to increase/decrease of bingo: having fun, finding what is important to millennials who like to get out and support community
  • Limits to success
    • Volunteers, weather, facility issues
  • How to promote
    • Social media and internet were not as significant as would be anticipated
  • Attracting young
    • No special efforts toward this
  • Potential changes
    • Old ideas of paying workers, callers or gm’s were not considered helpful by respondents
  • Stakeholder implications
    • Take care of who you have
    • New players not on radar

The full report by Mountain View Insights will be available on the SOS website.


Donivan Glassburn introduced new board members, Ed Smith from Silver Creek Organization for Performing Arts and Paul Vigil from Barry’s Bingo. 

  • Discussion regarding getting other stakeholders involved in the bingo/raffle process.
  • Donivon Glassburn indicated there is one supplier filling out the board application and two other potential licensee applicants are considering applying.
  • Skype and/or other types of online participation was discussed.
  • Public involvement and Board participation were discussed.

SOS reports

SOS financial report discussed

  • raffle numbers will balance out over the year
  • progressive pull-tabs at bingo is increasing


  • Landlord applications are expected to be online by 11-1-2017. An email update will be going out to landlord licensees in the next few weeks.
  • SOS in the process of building Manufacturer and supplier license new/renewals. The hope is to have these available (before March 31).
  • After the manufacturers supplier renewals the SOS will focus on e-filings for manufacturer and supplier agent licenses.
  • Currently the online process for bingo/raffle applications is just coming up on one year (11-1-2016 start date). The SOS will have a better picture of the success and use of the application process in 2018.
  • SOS is looking into potential educational opportunities for their online processes by adding additional classes with games manager training.
  • There has been a learning curve with online quarterly reports resulting in improvements to timely reporting and fine payments.
  • Graph for web-hit information for the bingo/raffle site was available for review.

Passed legislation and rules hearing update

Rules were adopted 8-7-2017

  • included 54 faces
  • expanded presales from 7 to 14 days (from emergency rules)
  • these rules will become permanently effective sometime in September (20 days after publication in the Register). Emergency rules will stay in effect until this date is reached.

Board business

  • Board positions – Per Donivon Glassburn
    • Perry Jultak will not renew his term
    • Vera Craven’s public position may be open
    • Supplier applications are in and there are some potential licensee applicants in process

Open forum discussion

Rich Lemon addressed:

  • Potential rule contradiction with Statue in regard to progressive raffles.
  • Potential to increase total number of progressive pull-tab games at bingo occasions.
  • Bonanza games are not popular in Colorado because rules regulating the game are making it obsolete.

Potential rules suggestions can be provided to SOS in writing for review, thoughts, and research before the next meeting.


The next meetings are scheduled for 11-15-2017 and 1-17-2018 at 10 am.  Shannon will reserve the rooms. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:36 AM.