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Colorado Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

Date: November 6, 2013

Location: Secretary of State’s Office, Blue Spruce Conference Room, 1700 Broadway, Denver, CO

Board members present:  Perry Jultak, Dan Gincig, Donivon Glassburn, Tom Bednark

Secretary of State officials present:  Mike Hardin, Greg Lestikow, Shannon Bee, Carla Hoke, D.J.  Davis, Lisa Marty

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 AM.

The pledge of allegiance was conducted. 

Approval of minutes tabled till next meeting as there were only five members of the board present

Reports from Secretary of State

Greg Lestikow presented a ten year trending showing that bingo and pull tabs revenue is dropping and raffle revenue is going up.  Greg introduced a new reporting system Instant Atlas that can be used for bingo and raffle data.  It will be able to show trends and areas of gross revenue.

Marketing tool kit from the studies by DU Students and Jon Runge - How to help market games for the charity, tips and success stories are available on line. 

The rules hearing was conducted on October 2nd and adopted on October 17th (posted on web.)  Rules will take effect on January 1, 2014.  New rules will be on games manager training and posted in rule book.  All will be posted on the web.  People will have to ask for printed copies.   New forms for progressive raffles will be on web site January 1st.

We were reminded to make sure that bingo license renewals are turned in as soon as possible for 2014.  The cost is $100.00 for non profit organizations and $1,000 for Landlords.

Clarification on coupons - It is ok if a hall owner pays back charity group. Over $500 progressive pull tab / bingo only must pay by check. Dan Gingig asked if a progressive winner can get $500 cash and the rest by check. Greg Lestikow noted that it must be via check per rule 9.3.3A.  Donivon Glassburn asked if it has to be by one check or can it be by 2 checks.  Greg Lestikow said that they will need to look into that. If under $500 it can also be paid via check. 

There will be a raffle pamphlet posted with rules for what you can and cannot do for coupons.

Board business

Open form, no questions were asked. 

Colorado Industry Income, Greg Lestikow reviewed bingo SOS report showing 10 year change showing dollar and percentages.  Donivon Glassburn asked if it could be put into a chart.  Shannon Bee said they will need to look into that.

Donivon Glassburn noted how gaming, lottery and powerball has increased and bingo has decreased significantly in Colorado  Asking how are going to stop the decline of bingo.  Dan Gincig noted how it has now leveled off.   There was discussion around advertising and getting young players for bingo.  How the smoking ban affected bingo.

Hand held units and the auto daub feature.  Greg Lestikow noted that it has been discussed and that the state will need to look into the statutes - cannot address right now.  Dan Gincig noted that the manufactures of the units are not able to have both auto daub and catch up feature at the same time.  That 90% of the problems with handheld bingo units are user error.  Having the auto daub feature would solve most of the user error with the handheld units.  Other states are using the auto daub feature.  Greg Lesikow said they would look into it.

2014 Legislation, Greg Lestikow said that in 2014, 10 items that came from suggestions to pass legislation. 

From last meeting, still looking into food for volunteers.  Currently not allowed, but looking into for 2014 legislation.

Event pull tabs - looking at statute - rules and clarifying changes

Ability of coupons - (free bingo) buying two packs get in free.  A rules question covered in bingo raffles law book.  Volume discounts - as long as you offer the same discount to everyone.

Question asked: Being able to advertise two for one or coupon - (unless the hall pays for)   

Question asked:  More faces - legal issues

Question asked:  Progressive rule $1.00 per sheet minimum price.  If more than $1.00 the price has to be established from the beginning of progressive sales

Greg Lestikow noted that 10 items will be talked about, will need to seek out sponsors for legislation.

Homework items

  • Look into pulling data for the number of players to be incorporated into reports
  • Consider the ability for the allowance of an auto daub feature on the aids
  • Look at the feasibility of being able to change the minimum price per face on progressive bingo
    • Could the rule be changed to allow for scaling of progressive face prices as the jackpot increases?
  • Ability to offer multiple checks to one winner for progressive payout


Next meeting:  Wednesday, December 11th, at 10:00 AM.