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Proceeds & reimbursement

Q1.  Can we give more money from our bingo fund to groups who regularly volunteer to work games?

A1.  No. Not only is this against Colorado law, it is also against IRS regulations. Rewarding workers or teams for helping to conduct a bingo occasion is considered "remuneration". No commission, salary, compensation, reward, or recompense can be paid to any person for holding, operating, or conducting bingo games. This includes items like free sodas or snacks, tips, or anything of value given to a worker in exchange for working a bingo occasion. The proceeds must always be used for the group’s charitable purpose as stated in their articles, charter or by-laws.  [1] 


Q2. Can we reimburse our members for bingo-related travel expenses (such as picking up the bingo bank or going to a store to purchase bingo or raffle supplies or prizes)?

A2.  No. No one can receive any remuneration or profit for participation in the management or operation of any bingo-raffle game.  Picking up the bingo bank and purchasing supplies or prizes is part of the volunteer activities; a member cannot be reimbursed for these activities. [2] 



[1] C.R.S. 24-21-609(1)(f) and Rule 10.3
[2] Colorado Constitution Article XVIII, Section 2, Subsection (4)(c)