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Q1.  Do I have to give away $2,000 in aggregate prizes at every occasion?

A1.  No, you don’t have to give away the full $2000 that is allowable at every occasion.

Be sure to disclose the actual number of prizes and the amounts of the prizes. You can do this by posting the amounts in a conspicuous place on the premises where the games will be played. [1] 


Q2.  Am I required to have at least 30 occasions for a progressive bingo game before I can pay the jackpot?

A2.  No. Your organization can conduct as many occasions as you wish, as long as the progressive prize does not exceed $15,000. You also don’t have to take a progressive bingo game all the way up to a $15,000 payout; the jackpot can be given away any time before then as long as notice is given to the players of a must-go situation.  [2] 


Q3.  Can we decide to cap the progressive jackpot at a certain level?

A3.  Yes, as long as the maximum amount awarded does not exceed $15,000. Your group can set a cap at an amount under $15,000 as long as you have posted that information in a conspicuous location and announced it to the players in advance.  [3]


Q4. Can alcohol be given as a prize?

A4.  No. The Bingo and Raffles Law prohibits licensees from offering alcoholic beverages of any kind. [4]  Giving alcoholic beverages as prizes is a Class 2 violation, which carries a fine of $75 per occurrence. [5]  If you have any questions about prizes, do not hesitate to contact our office directly so we can assist you before any violations occur.


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