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Q1.  Can an individual or a for-profit organization hold a raffle?

A1.  No.  Only non-profit organizations that have been in existence in Colorado for five or more years are eligible to be licensed and conduct bingo and/or raffles.


Q2.  What is a "qualified organization"?

A2.  "Qualified organization" means any bona fide chartered branch, lodge, or chapter of a national or state organization.  It also includes any bona fide religious, charitable, labor, fraternal, educational, voluntary firefighters', or veterans' organization.  Organizations must be operating without profit to their members and have been in existence continuously for a period of five years before applying for a license.  The organization must also have had, during the entire five-year period, a dues-paying membership that has been carrying out the objects of the organization. Political parties and the Colorado State Fair Authority are also qualified organizations. [1]


Q3.  Our organization is holding a raffle early next year. Can we get our license this year to start selling tickets?

A3.  Yes, it is possible. You can get a license this year for a raffle that takes place next year if your raffle ticket has both this year’s and next year’s license numbers printed on the ticket.   Applications for next year’s license can’t be processed until after November 1 of the current year. Conducting a raffle that starts this year and ends next year is a complicated procedure. Please contact our office to get more information about this process.
Call our office at 303-869-4910, or e-mail us at


Q4.  Our organization would like to raise money for a charitable purpose or cause.  Can we get a license to run bingo?

A4.  Your organization may be eligible to apply for a bingo license if it is a nonprofit that has been in existence for five years before you file your application. Please contact our office and we will attempt to determine your organization’s eligibility.

Call our office at 303-869-4910, or e-mail us at


Q5. Our organization wants to run a silent auction. What do we need to file with you?

A5.  A live or silent auction to raise funds for charity is considered to be a solicitation for contributions. Under the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act, the organization would need to register as a charity (unless it is specifically exempted by the statute).  The organization does not need to apply for a Bingo-Raffle license.


Q6.  Is there a minimum ticket price for which a license is required? Can we run small raffles without a license?

A6.  No. To conduct any type of raffle activity within Colorado, the non-profit organization must obtain a license from our office.


Q7.  Will I receive a notice when my license needs to be renewed?

A7.  No. We do not mail renewal notices. 

[1] C.R.S. 24-21-602(37)