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Type Allowed for Details
Halls Licensees
Concessions Yes Yes Halls and Licensees can offer coupons for concessions. If playing in a hall, the licensee can pay hall back for the amount of the concession or establish an agreement with the hall for the coupon.
Bingo supplies
(e.g. daubers, etc.)
Yes Yes Halls and Licensees may offer coupons for bingo supplies if the supplies are sold by the hall.
(e.g. Groupon, etc.)
No No Halls and Licensees are prohibited from selling coupons or vouchers for bingo cards, sheets, raffle tickets, or admission. [1]
Free coupons for bingo cards
and sheets
Yes No A hall must reimburse the licensee for the discounted amount on the coupon. Additionally, reimbursement must occur at the time of “sale” of the card/pack by the licensee. [2]
Pull tabs No No The structure and pricing of pull tabs are set by the manufacturer/supplier and licensees must conduct the games according to this set structure. [3]


[1] See Rules 4.1.1(a)(2), 4.1.4, and 4.1.5(b)
[2] See Rule 4.1.5
[3] See Rule 5.1.1