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Spurious and fraudulent liens

Q1. What is a spurious document?

A1.  Documents that are filed without a legal basis or an agreement between parties are often referred to as spurious, fraudulent, or bogus. Spurious documents may be forged or include false claims. For more information, see sections 38-35-201 & 38-35-204, C.R.S.


Q2. Why are spurious documents accepted?

A2.  Our office is simply a filing office for public records. We are not able to verify whether a filing is valid or accurate. If a form is submitted with all of the required information, we will record the document.


Q3. Someone filed a false lien against me. What should I do?

A3.  If you believe that a spurious document has been filed against you, the first step is to verify that the document exists. You can search our records for your name and check to see if a document has been filed. You will also want to check with the county clerk and recorder - records that involve real property are filed in the county where the property is located.

If you find that a false document has been filed, you can file a UCC Information Statement. That filing is linked to the original document and alerts anyone who sees it to the fact that you are disputing the validity of the filing. We recommend that you consult an attorney for specific information and advice.

To file a UCC Information Statement:

  • Go to the UCC filing system.
  • Click on “UCC Information Statement”.
  • Enter the original document number of the record and select Search.
  • Select “Confirm” if you are authorized to amend the record.
  • Continue through each tab and submit payment; you will be taken to a confirmation page once the filing is complete.