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Hospital liens

Q1. What is a hospital lien?

A1.  A hospital lien is a lien filed by a hospital for all reasonable and necessary charges for care. Hospital liens are connected to the care of a person who was injured by the negligent or wrongful acts of another person.


Q2. Can I file a hospital lien?  

A2.  Only a hospital or an authorized representative can file a hospital lien. 


Q3. Who are the claimants and owners on hospital liens?

A3.  The hospital is the claimant. The injured person is the owner.


Q4. When does a hospital lien expire?

A4.  A hospital lien is effective until the hospital files a termination.


Q5. Can I terminate a hospital lien?

A5.  Only an authorized representative of a hospital can terminate a hospital lien. 


Q6. My hospital lien was terminated. Why does it still appear to be effective?

A6.  Before May 29, 2012, amendments to hospital liens were recorded as new liens. To fully terminate a hospital lien that had been amended, both the original lien and the amendment had to be terminated. If a lien appears in our system that you believe should have been terminated, you may be able to find the termination if you search by debtor name and enter the name of the person the lien was filed against.