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Child support liens

Q1. What is a child support lien?

A1. This lien is created by court order for failure to pay child support.


Q2. Can I file a child support lien?

A2. No. Only state and county child support agencies can file child support liens. 


Q3. Are all child support liens filed in your office?

A3. No. If the lien affects real property, it may have been filed with the county clerk and recorder where the property is located. 


Q4. When does a child support lien expire?

A4. The lien is effective for 12 years if the past due amounts are not paid. However, the lien can be extended by filing a continuation every 12 years as necessary.


Q5. When is a child support lien released?

A5. After all of the debts described in the lien have been satisfied, the child support enforcement agency will file a termination.


Q6. I am with child support enforcement. How do I file a lien?

A6. To file a lien:

See the filing instructions.