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Agistor's lien  [1]

Q1. What is a Notice of Lien?

A1.  The lien serves as notice to all potential creditors that you owe a lender money and that your assets are pledged to that lender until you repay the debt.


Q2. Who is an agistor?

A2. See the Definitions.


Q3. What is an agistor’s lien? 

 A3.  When livestock is placed in the care of an agistor, a lien can be filed for an amount due. The money owed can be for the feeding, herding, pasturing, keeping, ranching, boarding, or medical care provided to the livestock.


Q4. How do I file an agistor's lien?

A4.  To file an agistor's lien:

See the filing instructions.


Q5. Who are the claimants and owners on an agistor's lien?

A5.  The agistor is the claimant. The owner is the person who owns the livestock that was or is being cared for.  


Q6. When does an agistor’s lien expire?

A6.  The lien is effective until a termination is filed.



[1] Agistor's Lien Act, Part 2 of Article 20 of Title 38, C.R.S.