Durable Medical Equipment Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

Q1.  How can I tell whether a durable medical equipment supplier is currently licensed in Colorado?

A1.  You can check the status of a durable medical equipment supplier by searching on the Search page. Enter the supplier’s name or the full 11-digit license number.  

Search results will return the following information:

    • Person or entity name
    • License number
    • Status
    • Original registration date
    • License expiration date

You can also view and print a list of all currently licensed suppliers from this page.

The office does not provide separate certification or verification of licensure.  Each supplier’s license contains the supplier’s name (as provided to this office), license number, the license’s effective and expiration dates, and the official seal of the state of Colorado. The seal serves as certification that this office issued the license. State agencies and other persons needing verification may ask the supplier to supply a copy of the license, which the supplier can print from its online account.


Q2.  How do I find out what types of equipment and services are offered by a supplier?  Can you help me find a supplier that will meet my medical needs?

A2. You can view and print a list of all currently licensed suppliers from the DME home page. However, our office does not track the types of equipment or services offered by a supplier. And the office does not provide advice or recommendations concerning selecting a supplier. We recommend that you consult your doctor or other healthcare professional for guidance in these matters.