Durable Medical Equipment Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Applying and renewing
Changes and updates
Complaints, investigations, and administrative hearings
General questions
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Changes and updates

Q1.  Can a supplier change information in its account?

A1.  Yes, a supplier will be able to change any of the following information for its current license:

    • Person or entity name
    • Street address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip or postal code
    • Province
    • Country
    • Local business phone number
    • Email address


Q2.  How does a supplier change information in its account?

A2.    Log in to your account.  Then click “Edit profile.”

If the supplier changes its name, it will be required to upload a new notarized affidavit. Our office must review and approve name changes before the change can take effect. Once approved, a name change will be reflected on licenses printed after the effective date.

Changes other than name changes will take effect when submitted.

If a supplier changes any part of the address, the supplier will be required to affirm that it still maintains geographic eligibility, i.e., has a physical location 100 miles within at least one Colorado Medicare beneficiary that the supplier serves.

A supplier must ensure that it keeps its email address current.


Q3.  What if a supplier decides it no longer wants to be licensed in Colorado?

A3.  A license is effective for one year. The supplier can let its license expire.