Code of Colorado Regulations

Rules Before 2007

How do I find rule history before April 2007?

The Title Pages contain history notes for rules that became effective on or before April 1, 2007. The Title Pages are PDFs that were scanned from the print version of the Code of Colorado Regulations (CCR).

To view Title Pages:

  1. Go to the rule history (licensing image view system).
  2. In the "Name" field, enter the agency number.  For example, type in "1002" (without quotes) from "5 CCR 1002-21".
  3. In the "Licensing Document Category/Type" list, look for "Rules", then select "-Rules Title Pages".
  4. Leave all other fields blank.
  5. Click on "Search".


Where else can I find older rules?

For earlier versions of rules, check with the applicable agency. You can also check the Colorado Supreme Court Library. Finally, you can check with the State Archives.