Annual Financial Statement
For Colorado Charitable Organizations

Initial Registration

This is estimated financial information for a charitable organization:  No 

Registration Number: 20103007873

This financial report covers the fiscal year beginning:06/01/2009     and ending:05/31/2010     

Organization Information
1. Organization's name:  TEA PARTY PATRIOTS, INC.                          

2. Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN):  27-0470227          

3. Organization's principal address:
      Street address:  1025 ROSE CREEK DRIVE                                 
      SUITE 620-322                                                    
      City:  WOODSTOCK                  State:  GA  Zip:  30189        Country:  United States            

Fiscal year ends:  05/31 

If incorporated, date incorporated:  06/01/2009. State of incorporation:   GA

If not incorporated:
      Type of organization:                              
      Date established:          State established:  

4. Telephone number:

5. Has the organization applied for or been granted IRS tax exempt status?  No 
    If 'Yes', date of determination letter, or of application if determination is pending:                 
    If tax-exempt, IRS code:  501(C)(4) 
    Are contributions to the organization tax deductible?  No 

6. NTEE codes that describe your organization:

Financial Summary as of most recent fiscal year end (line numbers are from Form 990)
7. Revenue (Amounts Received During the Year):
    Contributions:  $538,009.00           
    Government Grants:  $0.00                 
    Program Service Revenue:  $0.00                 
    Investments:  $0.00                 
    Special Events and Activities:  $0.00                 
    Sales:  $0.00                 
    Other:  $0.00                 
    Total Revenue (sum of all revenue items above):  $538,009.00           

8. Expenses (Amounts Paid Out During the Year):
    Program Services:  $342,559.00           
    Administration - Management and general:  $58,037.00            
    Fundraising:  $0.00                 
    Total Expenses (sum of expense items listed above):  $400,596.00           

9. Summary of Balance Sheet as of Fiscal Year End:
    Total Assets, End of Year:  $0.00                 
    Total Liabilities, End of Year:  $0.00                 
    Net Assets, End of Year (Total Assets - Total Liabilities):  $0.00                 
           Unrestricted Net Assets, End of Year:   $0.00                 
           Permanently Restricted Net Assets, End of Year:   $0.00                 
           Temporarily Restricted Net Assets, End of Year:   $0.00                 

Professional Fundraisers
10. Paid Solicitor / Professional Fund Raising Consultant Organization or Individual

Other Information
11. Fundraising Professionals:
      Outside Professional Fundraiser fees:$0.00                 

12. Is your organization related (other than by association with a statewide of nationwide
     organization) through membership, governing bodies, trustees, officers, etc., to
     any other exempt or nonexempt organization?:  No 
        If 'Yes', the name of the related organization(s):                                     
        Is this related organization an exempt organization?:  No 

13. Did your organization solicit any contributions or gifts that were not tax
     deductible?:   No 
        If ''Yes'' did the organization include with every solicitation an express statement that
        such contributions or gifts were not tax deductible?:    N/A

14. List the states with which you are registered to conduct solicitations from, or from which
     you have been granted an exemption:
        District Of Columbia                              
        New Hampshire                                     
        New Jersey                                        
        New Mexico                                        
        New York                                          
        North Carolina                                    
        North Dakota                                      
        Rhode Island                                      
        South Carolina                                    
        West Virginia                                     

15. Name of authorized officer who signed this annual financial report:
          Name:  MARK MECKLER                                                 
          Date:  06/03/2010